Ceramic Car Paint Sealant Made Simple: Best Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Ceramic Car Paint Sealant Made Simple: Best Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

Touted as a more durable and robust alternative to car wax and polish, ceramic car paint sealant is a long-lasting solution comprised of polymers, car wax, and synthetic ingredients. Simply put, a paint sealant serves to protect vehicles from harsh elements, including UV rays, grime, and other contaminants. Unlike its competitors, car paint sealant has an impressive lifespan, typically lasting up to six months. The new ceramic sealants based on ceramic coating technology can last upwards of 9 months!

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The Benefits Of Car Paint Sealant

Many car owners opt for car paint sealants because they offer more quality, substantial results. In addition to being more long-lasting, here are some other reasons why paint sealant is becoming the go-to choice for auto paint jobs.

A Pristine Finished Look
Car paint sealants do an excellent job of creating flawless results. When applied to paint, the sealant both protects and enhances a car’s natural sheen. Together, these qualities significantly improve a vehicle’s appearance.

Offers Longer Protection
Car wax products only provide about six weeks of protection. A paint sealant, on the other hand, can last upwards of a year. Auto experts attribute this more permanent effect to the synthetic components found in car paint sealants.

Optimal Resistance
Pollutants and impurities are no match for a paint sealant. In fact, car paint sealants can hold up against bug splatters, bird droppings, and acid rain. In essence, car paint sealants offer thick protective layers, which help to prevent damage.

Increases Value
Paint sealants are quality products that keep cars in tip-top shape. In other words, they help preserve vehicles. When cars are kept in mint condition, they’re easier to sell. It’s for this reason why many temporary car owners use car paint sealants so that their trade-in value will be high.

Easier To Maintain
Washing and drying is a breeze thanks to paint sealants. Car paint sealants contain hydrophobic properties, which serve to both collect and absorb standing water.

Helps Extend The Life of Coatings

Although coatings have long durability if not well maintained, they will start to experience decreased performance. Topping your automotive coating with a paint sealant every 6 to 12 months will greatly improve its durability.

Applying Paint Sealant 101

Much like car wax and polish, you generally apply a paint sealant with your hands. Fortunately, this process is incredibly straightforward and doesn’t require extensive expertise. To achieve the best results, industry specialists recommend adding a car polymer sealant to the top of the paint polish. Below, you’ll find an overview of the paint sealant application process.

1. Prep Your Vehicle

To prime your car for the car paint sealant, you’ll need to wash it thoroughly. From there, you’ll want to remove any small particles by using an IPA spray solution.

2. Add The Sealant

Taking your microfiber sponge, add a dollop of the paint sealant to the applicator, and start applying it to the surface of the vehicle. To avoid paint swirls, go in a vertical motion. Begin with a small patch so that you can see how effective your application method is.

3. Buff

Once the product has dried, use a synthetic cloth to polish the vehicle. You don’t have to abide by a particular technique. With your towel, simply buff the surface.

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