Introducing the All New Immortal Paint Protection Film

A new standard in self-healing paint protection film.
Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Never Seen Before Instant Self-Healing Clear Bra by CARPRO

Introducing Immortal™ PPF, the latest innovation from CARPRO in their quest for comprehensive automotive paint protection. Immortal™ boasts remarkable features such as instant self-healing, exceptional clarity, minimal orange peel, easy application, and more!

What's even better is that its self-healing abilities work flawlessly even in cold temperatures, eliminating the need for heat guns or hot water to fix scratches. With Immortal™ paint protection film, you'll never even notice those scratches.

While pushing the boundaries of self-healing properties is a groundbreaking achievement, CARPRO also prioritized other factors in the development of Immortal™ PPF. Through extensive testing and refinement, we have ensured that Immortal™ PPF delivers and maintains the highest level of transparency, clarity, and a glossy finish, while also providing a strong self-cleaning hydrophobic effect - ultimately becoming the best paint protection film available on the market.

Immortal is available extlusively through our certified installers network. Requiring a minimum of 2 year experience installing clear bras. For more information or to apply contact us.

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